Welcome to the Process

I was raised to be a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean it controls me.

Together, let's explore all the ways in which perfectionism rears its head in our creative lives.

And then, let's learn how to let some of that go, and create anyway.

A note on this course: The seven modules are designed to be done in 7-8 weeks. I highly encourage you to keep a writing or art journal during this time, and to make use of the printable downloads in some of the modules. I also encourage you to calendar time to watch the videos and go through the materials each week. You're important. This work is important. So put it in the schedule.

We'll have conference calls scheduled for Sunday September 29th and Saturday, October 19th at 10am pacific.

You'll have access to the videos and materials after the course is done, but I recommend you try to keep up with the group as much as you can.

Right now: Calendar the conference calls, then download and print out the Kicking Out Perfection checklist to help you stay the course

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